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Mortgage Investments

Built on technology and expertise, we deliver the industry’s smartest mortgage investment solutions

Global Capital Commercial (GCC) is one of Australia’s leading and most-trusted providers of investment facilitation and services. Our reputation has been built on excellence, experience and expertise, and now our focus on technology is providing lenders and investors unrivaled access to data, knowledge and resource – meaning we offer smarter and faster than ever before.
Investment Products

Mortgage investments offer investors and lenders fixed interest returns, with the returns based on the risk and return specifics of the proposed loan.

It is difficult for potential investors to find quality loan opportunities and as a result, are commonly overlooked.

We act as the bridge between our investor partners and borrowers seeking a loan product to match their commercial needs.

We are trusted by a wide range of investors and lenders, often acting as a facilitator to private equity, high-net-worth individuals, sophisticated investors, companies and superannuation funds who are interested in investing directly in property based mortgages to Australian borrowers.

Investment Overview

GCC offers lenders and investors a fixed-rate return, as well as the opportunity to individually select the mortgages in which they wish to invest. Through this approach, we put the power in the lender’s hands, meaning they decide which mortgages suit them, based on the loan details, term and interest rate, the security property and the borrower.

Investors in mortgages receive the benefits and the rights attached to the mortgage that they select and so choosing the right one is crucial.

GCC – Leading the Way

Investing in mortgages is an avenue that offers a wealth of opportunities for those with the right knowledge, understanding and clarity of objectives. GCC’s clients experience a range of benefits that mean investors and lenders are given the support needed to succeed, as well as genuine peace of mind.  To truly deliver maximum value, we have implemented the first, fully integrated financier platform in the Australian borrowing market.

This unique learning-based technology platform understands and encompasses all aspects of the financier eco-system, giving lenders and investors unrivalled access to streamlined data, deal management and tracking, CRM and documentation processing systems.

Optimum Service & Peace of Mind

GCC investor clients receive the following:

  • Service built on integrity and trust
  • Confidentiality/privacy as a priority
  • Security
  • Speed of service
  • Access to our extensive borrower-loan opportunities
  • Rigorous due diligence on all undertakings

If you would like to know more about how GCC can maximise the potential of your mortgage investment, contact us for a confidential chat today.

“Through our extensive network we receive an average of over $350M
worth of loan enquiries every month which means that we are in a position to source
lending proposals that will suit the investment profile of any investor/lender based
on their specific risk/return profile.”

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