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Low Doc Commercial Loans

Bad Credit Commercial Loans –

Every borrower is different, so knowledge expertise and experience matter.
Innovative low doc Commercial Loans. Fast approvals, competitive rates

Problems borrowing from mainstream banks?

At Global Capital Commercial (GCC), our low doc commercial loans are funded through a long-established network of private investor/lenders, family offices and our own high net worth investors. We know that not all borrowers fit within the mainstream banks’ lending criteria, which is why we have established solutions for all types of situations and requirements.

No one is better placed to deliver on low doc clients’ commercial property finance needs.

Australia’s No 1 Facilitator

GCC are the leading facilitator of low doc commercial loans across Australia, thanks to our unparalleled and direct access to the widest range of lenders and years’ of industry experience – and that’s good news for clients.

“Our low doc commercial loan rates start from as low as 5.09% (01/07/2019) and LVR’s reach up to 80%.”

Delivering tailored solutions

Some clients feel that because they fall outside of normal lending parameters, they have few or no options. At GCC our low doc commercial property loans, typically sourced through private investor/lenders, are designed to suit these borrowers specifically, those who may need a more supportive approach to meeting their financial needs.

GCC can help when clients:

  • Have unavailable/out of date tax returns
  • Only have rental income (lease doc)
  • Require urgent settlement of a transaction
  • Need to borrow against a property’s valuation, rather than purchase price
  • Have a “less than perfect” credit history
  • Have bad credit commercial loans
  • Commercial Loans With No Financials
  • Have out of date/unavailable financials
  • Have existing facilities in default or arrears
  • Are overseas residents
  • Security is remotely located
  • Are in financial distress, e.g. legal letters re: financial obligations, or receivers are being appointed
  • Need urgent funds to pay debts, e.g. ATO tax debt
  • Have a current lender forcing an exit or refusing to roll over the existing facility

“No matter what the circumstances, our experience and extensive funding channels mean that if a solution can be found, GCC will find it – for any client”.


Our years of experience and extensive funding channels allow us
to deliver the necessary results, whatever the circumstances.

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    Are you one of the 90%
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