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About Us

"GCC delivers optimal financial solutions for our clients and partners, through our focus on independence, security, integrity and technology – the pillars of our success"

Through cutting edge and unique technology, Global Capital Commercial (GCC) offers a range of products and services that are unrivaled in the financial industry. We proudly and consistently deliver unmatched financial solutions to brokers, lenders, investors and clients.
Built on decades of experience as an independent financier, GCC has established exceptional credentials and a strong reputation across the industry. We ensure optimum results for all our clients and partners, through our end-to-end expertise, unique systems, technologies and industry leading IP.

Our History & Rapid Growth

GCC was established in 2001 as a broker-to-broker business model, which focused on commercial loans and property development finance, sourced via the Australian Broker Network. We were referred to the deals that the brokers couldn’t do. We successfully delivered and soon grew into the largest B2B broker lending model in the country. As our business grew, our focus widened, and we began to service the breadth of requirements across the finance ecosystem. In recent times, we have grown our business to over 14,500 clients, 6,500 introducing brokers, a panel of over 450 lenders, our own HNW investors, as well as owning our very own lending division.

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Our Unique Technology

We believe in the power of technology.

We have invested heavily to deliver a unique, fully integrated and technology-based client-centric solution that is extremely powerful and cohesive. Through this single secure platform, we deliver end-to-end engagement, from initial enquiry to a finalised application, with unmatched speed, efficiency and effectiveness. The scalable and customisable platform is built on pioneering new technologies which streamline processes for our clients and give them what they really want – an advanced and more precise way of doing their business.

Innovation is at the heart of our ecosystem

Today GCC is powered by the most robust and innovative technology platform in the field, delivering true competitive advantage to our partners and clients. Now, the opportunity for our stakeholders to fulfil and even exceed their financial objectives to their requirements is literally at their fingertips.

GCC – The First Choice For Finance Solutions

From offering the widest network of lenders (450+) and continuously updating our available lending parameters, to constantly reviewing funder profiles and expanding our network of lenders and private investors, we are always seeking improvements that benefit those we work with.

In a world where lending products and terms are continuously changing, we keep our borrowers and introducers ahead of the curve by doing the hard work for them. We are constantly studying each funder’s terms of lending before working with them to develop new and innovative products. Giving our clients and partners priority access to new lending products that provide essential, innovative and valuable services to the market.

Our Services

If a loan can be done, GCC knows the lender who can make it happen.

Our impressive network of funders means that we are uniquely positioned to assist clients in all property transactions, no matter how specialised the security type, or how remote the location around Australia. Our focus is to settle all deals in the shortest possible time and on the most favourable terms for clients.

Becoming a client of GCC gives borrowers access to some of the most exclusive, unique and trusted financial solutions available in the market. We source funding from all available channels, including institutional lenders, investment banks and private HNW investors. We leverage our extensive network of industry participants and our access to a wide range of products and services to ensure that clients’ needs are matched with the most appropriate financial solution.

GCC are proudly independent, yet we maintain and grow strong relationships with top lenders, whilst maintaining our commitment to satisfying a borrower’s funding requirements. Whether a client has full financials, no financials, is a non-resident, has current defaults, or mortgage arrears etc. we have access to loan products which can assist them. Quite simply, we deliver solutions.

Client Satisfaction

At GCC, we genuinely put the client’s need first and foremost. We know that not all borrowers are the same and that not all borrowing priorities are the same. Whether the priority is achieving the lowest interest rate, maximising borrowing potential, no pre-sales for construction, minimum documentation or even speed to settlement – GCC delivers.

We deliver, because we listen to our clients and we pride ourselves on performing beyond their expectations.
Every day, GCC works with clients across a wide spectrum – from private borrowers to property developers, professional syndicates and public listed companies. No matter what type of borrower, the sheer volume of our business positions us to negotiate better terms and conditions with our underwriters on their behalf.

If you want to experience the GCC difference, or simply want to find out what makes us different to other providers, contact us today!

A recognised player

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"Our principals have been featured in the AFR, SMH, BRW, The Age, Brisbane Times, The Advisor, MPA, Australian Broker, WA Today and the Sunday Telegraph"

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