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Commercial Property – Low Doc

Over the years we have successfully funded many Commercial Property Loans, the following are a small selection for your review:

Our clients operate a wholesale and retail business in West Australia. A relocation of their business operations coupled with gearing their business activities for a major contract that did not eventuate placed a enormous strain on their cash flow.

The clients embarked on an asset sale and although they substantially reduced their debt position it was not deemed sufficient enough by their Bankers. At the same time their trade creditors began to take legal action and the tax office issued notices.


Global Capital was able to secure a commercial facility via a private non-bank lender who understood the borrowers’ situation and agreed to payout the outstanding mortgage, pay creditors and provide a level of working capital to assist the business grow.

  • Amount:  $2,500,000
  • LVR:  50%

Our client had exchanged contracts to purchase an office for $1.1M and needed to borrow the maximum available.

They were relying on the value of their existing property to value significantly higher, unfortunately the valuation came in well below expectation and as such the LVR required reached 80%.

The borrowers tax returns were not up to date and as such a solution was required outside the norm.

The client had already approached other lenders and had been advised that the best they could offer with this type of income verification was 65%-70% LVR which was well below what was required.


Instead of tax returns we used the borrowers BAS statements to demonstrate serviceability. We settled a facility at 80% LVR at a competitive rate.

  • Amount:  $880,000
  • LVR:  80%


Our client wished to purchase a commercial property currently used as a veterinarian clinic in the Perth inner suburbs as an investment property.

The client had a complex financial structure deriving income from multiple sources of income and several trading businesses so the client was unwilling to provide full financials so a lite doc solution was requested.


GCC facilitated an approval for a facility through a non-bank lender using an accountant’s letter, bank statements and rental income to demonstrate servicing.

  • Amount:  $1,350,000
  • LVR:  70%

Our client had an existing facility secured across several residential, retail and commercial properties.

The LVR with their existing lender was 65% and they required additional funding to expand their retail business.

Due to the global financial crisis their existing lender was not in a position to increase their exposure.

The client’s financials were available but although they showed debt cover, there was insufficient debt cover based on the banks serviceability calculator, so a private non-bank solution was required.


Due to the size of the facility and LVR requested GCC structured the deal in order to meet the client’s requirements by utilising 2 separate low doc commercial loans through non-bank lenders.

Facility 1

  • Amount:  $5,600,000
  • LVR:  75%

Facility 2

  • Amount:  $3,850,000
  • LVR:  70%

Our client was looking to repay an existing facility for a backpacker accommodation in central Queensland to assist with a divorce/property settlement.

The Borrower had credit impairments due to the divorce, existing facilities were in arrears and financials were not in order.


GCC facilitated an approval through a non-bank private lender who approved the transaction with an accountant’s letter and 6 months interim figures demonstrating serviceability.

  • Amount:  $985,000
  • LVR:  65%

Our clients were looking to refinance their existing debt with a major bank of $1.575M and releasing cash to assist in the purchase of a new investment property.

The property is a warehouse style property divided into 4 separate tenancies. Two of the tenancies are occupied by the borrower with the other two subject to month-to-month tenants without formal leases. Financials were unavailable.

The client intends to retire in two years time and will sell the security property at that time to clear the debt.


GCC settled the facility through one of our non-bank lenders based on self certified income with bank statements as supporting information confirming cash-flow.

  • Amount:  $1.915,000
  • LVR:  65%

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